Kitchen Reliability Issues Are a Thing Of The Past

A chapter with an unreliable chef can be the recipe for disaster. A poor food service provider can cause low morale and increased stress levels within the chapter: two things that Campus Cooks can eliminate with our support system and structure.

Our structure

  • Our partners and team members are supported by our regional supervisors, a management team that includes direct contacts for finance questions, operation managers for service issues, and human resources to handle all those delicate situations.
  • In the field, our Regional Supervisors oversee the day-to-day operations, handle special events, and continually work to develop your chef on campuses across the United States. Most of our team of up to twenty Regional Supervisors live within a 60-minute drive of your campus.

Our support system

At Campus Cooks, we have programs in place to make sure that your chapter is always fed well, even in the case of an emergency. The Emergency Meal Plan is a measure we put in place at every kitchen that Campus Cooks manages, to provide that your chapter enjoys a safe, hot meal in the event of a natural disaster, inclement weather, or injury to a staff member. This layer of support helps ensure you will never miss a meal, no matter what situation may arise. Another program in place to help in a time of need is our Chef on Demand™ program, which assures that a qualified, trained chef is ready and available, if needed. If your chef has an extended absence due to illness, work related injury, or necessary personnel change, Campus Cooks assigns one of our Chef on Demand™ staff until a new chef is hired. These layers of support helps ensure you will never miss a meal, no matter what situation may arise.

another success story: Chef on demand program™

The Need:
A chapter in the southeast had been working with a chef who was intermittently not in the kitchen due to personal matters. Because of those absences, too many meals consisted of casseroles or delivery from pizza joints. The chapter was paying the chef for services not fully rendered but were hesitant to say anything because they thought they might make the situation even worse.

The Solution:
The chapter decided to look at professional kitchen management companies and, upon review of several options, hired Campus Cooks. The chapter was very impressed by Campus Cooks’ exclusive Chef on Demand™ program. This program ensures that a chef will always be in the kitchen by providing a “bullpen” of trained and ready back-up chefs available “on demand” for when the staffed chef is out for an extended/intermittent period of time.

The Result:
The chapter continues to eat healthy, balanced meals and knows their kitchen is being managed – EVERY DAY! They no longer have to worry about the chef possibly not showing up or leaving during a shift.