What is your time worth?

If your chef has let you down, leading to house leadership and members needing to step in, or if time has been wasted finding a competent chef, Campus Cooks is your solution. We take the stress and liability out of all aspects of running a kitchen and preparing meals for the chapter. You can use your time to focus on more important things like the chapter and yourselves!

Let Us Handle The Details

Campus Cooks will perform every aspect of kitchen management, from sourcing and negotiating the cost of the ingredients, to hiring the perfect chef for your house. Let us save you the time and the stress, by doing everything for you. Here’s how we do it:

  • Day 1: We ask how we can help enhance your recruitment initiatives. We love to be involved by keeping the chapter healthy- with food and house membership.
  • From there, we plan the meals with your participation and input each week at menu meetings.
  • Next, we handle the inventory, the ordering, the safe storage of the food, and of course, the service of the meals. That’s not the end of it!
  • What about kitchen clean-up, sanitation, managing the daily/weekly/monthly upkeep of the kitchen (such as cooler coil clean-out, monitoring fire suppression inspection dates so your house stays compliant, and beverage machine upkeep)? We do all of that!
  • What about philanthropies, special events, senior dinners, initiation meals, and Mom and Dad’s Weekends? We love to be a part of it all!
  • How about a full shutdown at the end of the year? We do it all!

Best of all, we take your input of what you want done along with our expertise and manage the whole process so you don’t have to. 

another success story:
Finding the time

The Need:
Repeated chef turnover is causing the Housing Board of this northeast chapter to spend increasing amounts of time on searches for qualified replacements, onboarding and acclamation to the chapter needs. A process that reoccurred several times within one year. Both a huge burden on the Board and negative impact on the chapter.

The Solution:
The House Corp Board met with Campus Cooks and liked their chef hiring process. Our Recruiting Manager and team read each resume that was submitted for the role, and worked with the regional supervisor and the house to find a candidate that not only met their specific culinary needs, but the personality of the house, as well.

The Result:
The Housing Corp is now free of the kitchen management and food service burden and can spend more time working on more productive and strategic issues that can have a positive impact on the future of the chapter.