Passion Is Not Enough

One thing we can say for sure: our chefs are passionate about their work and it shows. That said, we know it takes more than passion to deliver the results that the chapters expect. Throughout the years, chapters have dealt with chefs who were unreliable and some who could not be trusted with the budget. Not to mention those who just weren’t talented. This is where we make a difference. Our chefs dress appropriately and thanks to our recruiting process, we screen, interview, conduct background checks, and ensure that they are a good cultural and personal fit for the house.

Our Chef Recruiting Process

  • Our chef recruiting process is the first step in finding the right chef for your house. Discussing the chef qualities that would make a perfect fit for your house is where the conversation kicks off.
  • Our Recruiting Manager and team then reads each resume, screens the top candidates, then works with your Regional Supervisor to create a relationship with you. We want a chef that not only meets your specific culinary needs, but more importantly the personality of the house.
  • Candidates are sourced internally and externally. Campus Cooks has an extensive network for referrals, growth opportunities within Campus Cooks, local presence as well as partnerships with National Organizations for Culinary Professionals.
  • Result in maintaining experienced and highly skilled until managers with an unparalleled industry retention rate of 75%.

What to expect from your campus cooks chef

Campus Cooks chefs are expected to abide by the rules of proper attire. This includes non-slip shoes, chef pants, a coat that is clean and pressed, and a ball cap or beanie cap. Campus Cooks’ chefs will also be well groomed with a consistent neat and clean appearance. Tattoos must be covered and piercings and jewelry must be small and not in excess. A Campus Cooks Chef will also have the following items in their pocket at all times: ballpoint pen, sharpie marker, thermometer, and a notebook.

ANOther success story: hiring the right chef

The Need:
Repeated chef turnover is causing the Housing Board of this northeast chapter to spend increasing amounts of time on searches for qualified replacements, onboarding and acclamation to the chapter needs. A process that reoccurred several times within one year. Both a huge burden on the Board and negative impact on the chapter.

The Solution:
The House Corp Board met with Campus Cooks and liked their chef hiring process. Our Recruiting Manager and team read each resume that was submitted for the role, and worked with the regional supervisor and the house to find a candidate that not only met their specific culinary needs, but the personality of the house, as well.

The Result:
The Housing Corp is now free of the kitchen management and food service burden and can spend more time working on more productive and strategic issues that can have a positive impact on the future of the chapter.