It’s not just a
career for us,
it’s a passion.


The recipe for discovering the perfect Chef?
Our hiring process.

We’re committed to finding the perfect match for our Chefs and our chapter houses. We’ll never fill a position just because it’s open. We carefully recruit the ideal candidate for every house knowing professionalism, respect and communication are critical for success.

We find the
best Chefs.

National Sourcing: Along with scouring hiring fairs and trade shows, our recruiting team partners with culinary schools, creating a national pipeline of talented chefs.

Local Sourcing: In addition to online sources, our team travels to campuses to recruit and hire local chefs.

Internal Sourcing: Our team sources from an internal network of employees who will relocate for open positions.


Rest assured, the following searches are mandatory:

  • Social Security Report

  • County Criminal Search

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Index Search

  • National Sex Offender Registry Search

  • Drivers History Report

Collaboration is

our secret

ingredient for


  • Specially trained Chefs ready to work with your chapter.

  • 78% Chef retention rate. One of the highest in the industry.

  • Our menus are designed to meet everyone’s dietary preferences.

  • 80% of our food ratings are 4 stars or higher.

  • 95% renewal rate.

Our Chefs are very personable and make the dining experience seem like a family experience.

Member, Lambda Chi Alpha

Your monthly report wrap up is worth its weight in gold!

National House Corporation: Property Management

I appreciate that Campus Cooks trains their employees well. They listen, and if they do get upset, I’ve never seen it. They try really hard to please.

House Director, Alpha Epsilon Phi



What makes our kitchens different.

We serve more than 150 chapters across 26 states. Still, we strive for perfection every day, no matter the challenge. We have rigorous standards for our Chefs, the professional kitchens we work in and how your food is served. We’re proud of our sustainability efforts, local vendor focus, demanding food safety protocols and open communication with our clients. Our goal? Ensuring a seamless food service experience at every meal.

  • 7 Keys Daily Checklists.
  • We hire great Chefs then enroll them in our proprietary training program
    so they succeed in your chapter house.
  • Our District Managers and Executive Chefs continue on-the-job training for your Chef. We are constantly improving our service for you.
  • Creativity is encouraged. We don’t limit the ability of our Chefs to order any items, and we encourage collaboration with your chapter to address preferences and needs, so every menu is tailored to you.



Our Managers and staff are trained to make your food service experience seamless, easy and unparalleled.

Our District Managers are available and ready to be on-site, overseeing operations and special events, and continually assisting and developing the chef.

Our Procurement Manager works to find the best and most sustainably sourced food from local vendors to meet our clients’ needs. They’re also constantly working to negotiate the lowest prices, develop stronger partnerships with local businesses, as well as source more sustainable packaging.

Our HR Department manages all personnel as well as handles the recruitment and training of new employees and day-to-day HR functions.

Our Finance Department ensures that all vendors are paid, and monitors expenditures.

Our Operations Team includes Account Managers who lead the team of Regional Managers and provide a home office contact for chapter leadership.