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Campus Cooks has the experience and knowledge to help Greek houses create a stress free, healthy food service environment. We pride ourselves on being the founders of this industry. Here are some common questions we’re asked about the fraternity and sorority food service industry. If your question isn’t on the list, please reach out. We’ll get back to you asap.


How are you different from other food service companies?

Campus Cooks is a business that provides a service – food and staffing. We are not a caterer or group of Chefs trying to run a business. Campus Cooks not only trains our Chefs on safety and sanitation, menu development, the handling of allergies and other dietary restrictions, but most importantly, what it means to work in a Greek House. This translates into a client retention rate of 95%.

How do you determine the cost of the program?

Cost is dependent upon number of meals per week, days per week, number of out-of-house visitors and live-ins. We take our time to understand your needs. The program price is not dependent on either type or quality of meals served.

Am I locked into a long term contract?

Unlike other companies, all Campus Cooks’ contracts have a 30-day cancellation policy. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

How much input do I have on our food?

As much as you want. You’ll sit down with your Chef to plan everything from weekly menus to reviewing special event food options. If you have an idea for a meal you think your chapter will love, let your Chef know. They welcome collaboration when planning meals. Also, our app and weekly crave sheets make it easier than ever to communicate House favorites with your Chef.

How does the Campus Cooks’ Chef maintain a fresh menu variety?

Campus Cooks’ Chefs are digitally tied to a network of hundreds of Chefs within the Campus Cooks community, allowing them to share menu items and recipe ideas. This keeps menus fresh with a wide variety of healthy foods.

How does Campus Cooks maintain proper safety and sanitation in your kitchen?

All Campus Cooks Chefs are trained in food safety and possess ServSafe® certification. Plus, the team conducts our proprietary 7-Keys inspection, which means clean tables, mopped floors and empty trash cans are just the beginning of our detailed closing requirements.

How does Campus Cooks find such exceptional talent?

Campus Cooks finds talented chefs from catering companies, country clubs, and restaurants worldwide. Menu diversity is huge for us. Our structured recruiting process is easy going. Once hired, we begin the onboarding process.


How does Campus Cooks handle chef absences?

We get it, things happen. We promise that we have an emergency preparedness plan in place to ensure you have food on the table when our chefs are absent. We are responsible for your food service and ensuring your chapter is fed.