We handle it, so You Can Focus on What’s Important

Staying on budget is one of the most important factors when deciding on a food service company for your fraternity and sorority. We are here to relieve the stress of having to manage the food service budget, and allow you the time to focus on what is important. Our pricing is all-inclusive of food, snacks, labor, worker’s compensation insurance, employee benefits, disposables and cleaning supplies for service, linen service for the kitchen, and more. We can do it all! With Campus Cooks, it’s not your problem anymore. 


  • We can customize any food program to fit within your budgetary needs and allow you to pay for your service through a predictable monthly installment plan.
  • Through our Procurement Manager and the relationships that we have built with our vendors, we have leveraged our buying power to negotiate service agreements. We can get more for your money.
  • Our staff of 200+ chefs and food industry professionals collaborate every day to find the best quality products for the best value, delivered to your weekly menus.

Another Success Story: Not Getting the Most for your Budget

The Need:
This southwest chapter has been managing its own kitchen service and after a budget review, found they did not feel confident in their management oversight and the allocation of these funds. Raising student dues to offset these costs was not an option.

The Solution:
The chapter met with Campus Cooks and requested an evaluation of the program, from ordering to staffing, and identified where overspending or inefficiencies may be occurring.

The Result:
The chapter saved 15% against their planned budget and are now receiving healthier, higher quality meals and experiencing an overall improved dinning situation. A better food experience need not cost more.