Hire Campus Cooks, Get Peace of Mind

Any fraternity or sorority kitchen is full of potential. All it takes is a creative mind to unleash a world of flavors. However, poor kitchen management can create safety hazards that can jeopardize the health and safety of the entire chapter. It can start small, with work surfaces not properly cleaned and escalate to cases of chef neglect. If issues are related to allergies or dietary requirements, it could be a matter of life or death. If this has ever been at issue at your chapter, then Campus Cooks is here to help.

Safety Always Comes First

  • Campus Cooks’ chefs are ServSafe® certified and prepared to uphold the culture of food safety.
  • Our chefs keep a Time/Temperature Log to ensure that food is served at a safe temperature.
  • Each member with a dietary or food allergy need is required to fill out our Dietary Profile and meet with our staff before special meals are prepared.

It Could Have Been Prevented

Prevention and consistent safety practices are the key to running a successful kitchen. The Campus Cooks’ Crisis Management Playbook was developed to serve as a plan for your Regional Supervisor and chef to follow during and after a crisis. We hope this guide is never needed, but by reviewing it and thinking through possible scenarios, we will be able to react and respond accordingly, keeping everyone safe, healthy, and happy. This 54-page playbook is kept by your Regional Supervisor to be used as part of their working standard operation procedures. Some of the items that are covered in the playbook include:
  • Service and Utility Interruptions
  • Severe Weather Emergencies
  • Work Place Injuries
  • Biological Hazards
  • Criminal Activities on Campus
  • Contact Lists: Emergency, Local Emergency, and Local Equipment Services

another success story: allergies

The Need:
This Midwest chapter is experiencing challenges presented by a large population of undergrads who have food allergies and special dietary requirements.

The Solution:
Campus Cooks has established policies, practices and support training programs in place to ensure that all members with allergies and dietary needs are accommodated. The chef is fully prepared to order appropriate products and create meals to ensure food safety.

The Result:
Members with special dietary needs are able to dine with the chapter and not feel like outcasts, maintaining a healthy Brotherhood/Sisterhood culture. Parents feel confident and relieved that their child is well taken care of by the chapter and the food service.