Our Chef’s Support Cut Glove Safety

by | Aug 13, 2018

All Things Cut Glove

First and foremost: cut gloves are mandatory to have and use in our kitchens.

Why do we need to use cut-resistant gloves?

The answer is a simple one: OSHA.

Slices, cuts, abrasions and punctures are all common workplace injuries, especially in the food service industry. But did you know these types of accidents account for almost 30% of lost time and productivity, and almost 80% of these injuries involve the workers’ hands?

It’s important to protect yourself and your fellow employees with cut resistant gloves in order to maintain company safety. But where does the process of choosing an effective cut resistant glove begin?

This is also a simple answer.

Buy the glove with the highest cut resistant rating (they are rated from 1 to 5) and most importantly, the glove our employees will be comfortable USING! Gloves made from Dyneema material has a high rating (5) and is reasonably priced (under $20). Many styles of cut gloves are now ambidextrous.

So, in review, a cut glove is mandatory to have in a Campus Cooks’ kitchen and the one that is purchased for an account should be ambidextrous with the highest cut resistant rating available.


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