Great Tasting Food, Every Day

Food should replenish you and help you concentrate on your studies. If your chapter dreads rather than looks forward to dinner time, it is time to make a change. After all, this is the time of the day when your brotherhood or sisterhood should come together and bond. It shouldn’t be ruined by unappetizing meals. Your food should always entice your senses and make you feel excited.

Great Food For Fraternities & Sororities

Campus Cooks feels your food should be safe. Members of the chapter with allergies or special dietary requirements should not miss out on enjoying tasty food with their peers. Carelessness in the kitchen can put lives in danger and that is simply not acceptable. Campus Cooks’ chefs are trained to make sure that the food is always properly labelled.

Greek Organization Food the Way It Is Meant to Be

Campus Cooks, we want your Greek experience to be the best it can be. That is why we focus our efforts on providing a great variety of delicious food. We want to delight all your senses, so you will surely be impressed by its impeccable presentation. Our chefs like to surprise you, so you can expect new and creative flavors as well as the comfort food favorites. If there is a dish that you particularly like, talk to your chef and they will make it happen.

Finding Fresh, Local Ingredients

We strongly believe that each step of the food making process matters. This is why all our ingredients are responsibly sourced. We have close relationships with great suppliers that allow us to offer you the freshest ingredients. We work with local vendors and suppliers to offer each house exclusive items at the best prices. We want to improve the food offering in your house, but we also want to leave a mark in the local economy.

Making You Happy

Our commitment is to your chapter and how to address your requirements. When we create our menus, we involve members of the house to determine which meals have been successful and which ones need some tweaking. We appreciate the ratings and feedback that members of the chapter leave through our app. Every semester, we conduct three surveys to get a clear idea of how things are going. All this information is extremely valuable to us as it allows us to get to know the house even better and how we can give you what you expect.