The Importance of a Walk-Through of Your Dining Area

by | Jul 8, 2020

Many chapters across the country are preparing for reopening in the fall, and are rolling out new safety procedures to prevent potential illness.

Here at Campus Cooks, we believe that an important part of your planning should be a “Walk-Through.” Whether it is mental or physical, it is vital for a chapter to complete a Walk-Through of their dining and serving areas to identify and mitigate any potential problems before they arise. Chapters must aim to be proactive rather than reactive.

See the below list for questions to ask yourself while performing a Walk-Through of your chapter. After further review, take appropriate action to promote safety precautions.

Walk-Through Safety Checklist

  1. Where will members enter and exit the dining room?
  2. Where should PPE and Physical Distancing reminders be posted?
  3. What rooms will the service line run through and can physical distancing be enforced in these areas?
  4. Does any furniture or equipment need to be removed to encourage a safe distance is kept?
  5. How/where will students receive their meals?
  6. Are there areas of the dining room that previously caused crowding?
  7. Will members have to cross the food service line to pick up items like utensils, beverages or napkins after they receive their meal?
  8. How can trash or return plate areas be re-evaluated to minimize exposure?

Hungry for more? Check out our Prevention and Preparedness Guidebook for more reference materials for Fall Opening.