Guidebook: Covid-19 Prevention and Preparedness for Fall Opening

by | Jun 1, 2020

Each day the news is more optimistic that students will be back on campus this fall. Thus, the conversation has now shifted from whether schools will reopen, to how to open safely. Campus Cooks has created a “Covid-19 Prevention and Preparedness Guidebook for Fall Opening” to share with your members and other Greek Chapters. The guidebook has two primary objectives:

1) A resource for Covid-19 prevention and preparedness for all Greek Chapters

2) Reference materials for chapter leadership/volunteers to communicate to their members and parents on safety measures being put in place for their return


At Campus Cooks, we have updated our standard operating procedures (SOPs) in preparation of a Covid-19 fall. These SOPs include preparing the kitchen for service, delivering food service, maintaining a safe environment, training guidelines for staff, along with signage for our chapters. Even though state and local guidance is still evolving, we plan to share specifics in the coming weeks. Overall, each chapter will present its unique set of challenges, but we are prepared to handle and address each nuance.

Once again, please share the guidebook as you prepare the chapter and communicate to your membership for the fall return.