Communication is Key to Maintain Your COVID-19 Plan

by | Aug 12, 2020

The planning and preparation steps for the 20-21 academic year is unprecedented.  But, maintenance and follow through on your plans are the keys to success of any plan. Surveys are a great way to gauge your success and areas that need improvement. Here are some useful tools to help you gather the information needed and create your own communication plan.  

Communication Tips & Tricks

  1. Your communication should center around two points: gathering information and relaying information. Determine the goal of each communication piece. If you are utilizing a survey, align your questions to a specific goal. The survey’s responses should provide your chapter with actionable items that will allow you to be proactive to solve problems and celebrate your successes. 
  1. Set a timeline for how frequently communication will be sent out to the chapter, determine who the message will be from, and which members the communication will be sent to. Messages can be sent out weekly, bi-weekly, etc. to In-House and/or Out-of-House members. 
  1. Stick to your timelines. 
  1. Evaluate results after each survey and create new action items that can then be delegated to the leadership team and/or vendors. 

Try These Free Online Survey Tools!

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