National Volunteer Week

by | Apr 15, 2016

As many have experienced, volunteering tends to be a thankless job.  How often have you volunteered for a project or an assignment and eventually become expected to do it?  This often tends to be the case with Greek life advisors.

Our President, the founder of Campus Cooks, knows this first hand.  Not only does he maintain a business, he is active in his fraternity as the Alumni Board President.  Thus, we know the commitment that advisors and others play in maintaining a successful Greek chapter.  Also, we know how every year it is essentially starting over—not only are there new members coming through, there are new employees, policies, university rules, and such to address and adhere to.

We at Campus Cooks know the significance you play in the day-to-day roles of maintaining a chapter.  We see how this feeds into the long-term mission and success of the chapter.  If you feel unappreciated, tired, or overwhelmed at any point, stop and think about why you do it or what made you start volunteering.  There is a good chance when you were an undergrad, an advisor did the same thing as you, and look at where you are now because of them.

Thank you from everyone at Campus Cooks.  We appreciate everything you do for your fraternity or sorority!


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