Food For Thought

by | Feb 5, 2019

We all know winter can wreak havoc on our diets.  It is one of the ultimate excuses for eating poorly and skipping workouts.  However, it is just that, an excuse.  What can you do to prevent falling off your game?

  1. Drink water – seems simple, right?  But how much water do you really drink in a day?  Take a water bottle that either has a counter on it or a bottle like Ice Mountain and write numbers on it with a permanent marker.  Then, refill it as the day goes on and cross the numbers off.  This should allow you to meet your goal.
  2. Maintain portions – it is easy to get carried away with loading up a plate of your favorite food on that cold, snowy day.  This one is tricky as long classes, packed schedules and just crazy days can make meal planning a challenge.  Try to spread meals out on the day.  Eat half a sandwich and take the other half with you.
  3. Snack snacks are great to keep us alert.  Nuts, hard boiled eggs, baked chips, health bars, fruit and more.  Throw them in your bag and you will be ready for the day.
  4. Eat breakfast – you’ve heard this since you were little “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I know a lot who struggle with this (including myself).  But how many times have you been sitting in class or taking a test and wish you had something before.  A piece of toast, a bagel, and/or some fruit can go a long way.
  5. Plan your meals – check out the menu for the day/week.  This will help with maintaining your diet and planning your week.

These are just a few tips to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.  What do you do to stay healthy?  What does your fraternity or sorority do to support one another?  Don’t be afraid to ask your chef either.  They can provide additional ideas and tips for snacks, meal ideas, and more.  Share with us on our Campus Cooks Facebook Page.


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