3 Salads In Under A Minute

If you’re getting tired of making the same boring salad and want a fresh idea, we have you covered!  Chef David, from University of Arkansas, put this video together on three great salad recipes.  You should have the majority of the items already to make these; but if you don’t, simply ask your chef.

“A couple weeks ago I wrote about the change from winter to spring, and how the salad bar begins to take on a new popularity in the house as the temperature warms up outside. Today, I’d like to say something about variety. We Campus Cooks Chefs pride ourselves on keeping the salad bars stocked with a wide variety of ingredients and dressings.

Unfortunately, sometimes folks get stuck in a salad rut. They take the same greens, top them with the same veggies and cheeses, and drizzle the same dressing on top. This morning, I got to work and thought, “Ya know, I need to make a few salads. And I need to make them have distinctly different flavors.”

Now, I didn’t run down to the nearest store to buy a few extra goodies. No, I looked no further than my cooler at my salad bar items (it was 7 a.m. long before the salad bar was up for the day). After looking over my stock, I took a few ingredients and my camera out to made this little video. What I want to do with this video is to show you that a few alterations can make your salad something fresh and new each day. Your salad bar may not have the same thing ours does, but with a little creativity you can make something fresh and new each day.”