Fruit Salad In A Flash

by | Apr 11, 2019

Chef David, from the University of Arkansas, demonstrates how easily and quickly anyone can put together healthy, refreshing fruit salads.

Maybe it is the excitement that comes from warmer weather. Maybe it is the knowledge that soon there will be so many fresh foods available at the local farmer’s market. Maybe it is, simply, that fresh fruit makes every meal better. Either way, I’ve been craving fresh fruit with my meals lately.

So, on the heels of my last video, “3 Salads in Under a Minute,” I decided to make another salad video to share. This time, however, I wanted to use fresh fruit in all the recipes. Now, other than the Super Fruit Salad, these aren’t fruit salads in the traditional sense. Instead, the other two incorporate vegetables like cucumbers and tomatoes along with a little cheese to keep things interesting.

I hope these salads inspire you to add a little fresh fruit to your meals.


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