15 Ideas to Kickstart Your Next Greek Life Event

by | Jan 6, 2022

Need some fresh ideas to inspire your next Greek life event, but your noggin’s drawing a serious blank? No worries! You’ll never have to throw another antiquated Toga party ever again because Campus Cooks is here to help! We’re dishing out a list of fresh sorority and fraternity event ideas that will add serious credibility to those party planning skills. If you’re ready to become the Hostess With The Mostess of each semester, then read on to find out how to make it rain RSVPs with these epic picks.

1. Around-the-World Party

Around the world party Campus Cooks

Travel internationally without ever having to leave your front door with an around-the-world party. Showcase various cultures all under one roof by sectioning off your house into different regions.

Choose to go east with Indonesia or seduce visitors in romantic Italy and make sure to include famous landmarks, music, or delicious eats to help capture the native flair of each country. Let wonderers travel from room to room, exploring all the unique customs. Serve toasty baguettes in France, cheesy empanadas in Spain, or let guests pick up beautifully wrapped pieces of nori sushi while visiting Japan.

This Greek life event is the perfect opportunity to encourage your brothers and sisters to share their culinary chops, adding a dish to share. If you’re no culinary savant, don’t stress! Ask your Campus Cook’s chef about what kind of tasty international dishes they can whip up, or as a last resort, you can plan to order take-out.

2. Pajama Party

Pajama Party Campus Cooks

Whether a sorority or fraternity event, a pajama party is the perfect way to socialize while keeping things cozy. Sororities can keep it girls only, or guys can get in on the fun and try this one out for their next fraternity theme party. Hang out while rocking a terry cloth bathrobe, matching satin PJ set, or cute slippers. Pursue Netflix for the perfect movie or binge-watch the latest series instead. Serve up some buttery popcorn, candy, pretzels; any snack will do! Then enjoy the lazy evening.

3. Monster Mash

Next Halloween, throw a monster mash and deck out your Greek house with cobwebs, creepy ghouls, terrifying statues, and more. If you’re really in the spirit, power up a fog machine to add another spooky layer.

Aside from taking votes for best costume, let guests bob for apples and soak in the scares. As an extra treat, serve up some homemade chocolaty graveyard cupcakes, a creamy dip, or check out some no-fuss recipes here for some inspiration.

4. Tail-gate Chili Cook Off

What’s one of the most exciting things about the winter months? If you guessed tailgating, then you’re right!

Before kick-off starts, spice up your next tailgate with a chili cook-off. College chefs can duke it out while repping their school spirit. Take it to another level with different contest themes, such as best vegan chili, or dare to try a mega hot, burn-your-mouth chili challenge. You can watch in delight as red-faced attendees, wet with sweat, frantically circle the parking lot looking for milk or anything to put out the fire inside their mouths.

Pile on the cheese, add a spoonful of creamy sour cream and feast your heart out. Oh, and whoever loses has to clean!

5. Weekend Camping Trip – Perfect sisterhood activity for a sorority event!

Get lost in the woods one weekend and plan a camping trip. This makes for an excellent opportunity for fraternities or sororities to get out in nature, enjoy hiking trails, stargaze at night, or roast marsh mellows over the warm flames of a campfire. Make sure to let everyone know to turn off their phones. Nature feels more serene without having to hear a loud Youtube video playing in the faint distance.

If you’re not the salt of the earth type, consider doing some Glamping. Transform any campsite with just a few tweaks—a couple of strings of twinkling fairy lights, plush bedding, and decorative throw pillows. This is the perfect sisterhood event idea to welcome new members into the fold, making new friendships under the stars.

Here’s a time-saving tip: Instead of dealing with the hassle of lugging cookware around, see if your Campus Cook chef can prepare meals in advance; delicious mac and cheese, a breakfast casserole, steel-cut oats, or s’mores. Check out the menu for more options.

6. Greek Olympics

Take on the Olympics, Greek house style, and recreate your own version of the legendary sports competition.
Without the intense training, of course.

Whether it’s a decathlon, 400m freestyle, or a competitive round of team volleyball, this theme sparks a competitive fire, lets you push past your limits, and allows for a physically rewarding day with friends. Take votes to nail down a couple events everyone can agree upon. Invite other fraternities or sororities to join in on the fun or keep the competition among your housemates.

On event day, supply lots of Gatorade and a couple of nutritious snacks like orange slices or trail mix to ensure that energy levels stay high!

This is an excellent choice for those that take great pleasure in sweating, muscle soreness, and sharing a couple of embarrassing moments. Just don’t forget to create a few homemade medals so you can honor those Olympic winners!

7. Casino Night

Whether it’s a round of 21, poker, or Blackjack, a casino night is a perfect way to show off those slick gambling skills.

Glitz up your house with a Vegas theme and roll out the red carpet for all your star-studded gamblin’ guests. Add a giant balloon arch to decorate your entryway, streamers in casino-inspired colors, or style tables with matching tableware.

Choose to do a roaring twenties theme and ask guests to dress in signature flapper fashion or dapper windowpane suits. A James Bond theme is another classic casino theme that adds an air of sophistication, so you look dapper while gambling the night away.

8. Glow Theme

Get your shine on with a Glow party. You can find tons of luminescent accessories at any dollar store for cheap, so make sure to stock up on plenty of neon necklaces, headbands, bracelets, and more! Make it a grab and glow party by handing out goodies at the door or get the word out to BYOG (Bring your own glow stick). Go all out by investing in some black lights, then enjoy the thrill of dancing it out in neon colors.

9. Ugly Sweater Holiday Party

No holiday is complete without an ugly sweater party. Get your house into the holiday spirit by slipping on a hideous elf pullover, blasting merry tunes, and some elaborate decorating! Put up this year’s tree, hang ornaments and add extra sparkle by throwing on tinsel. Whether you decide on serving creamy eggnog, frosting freshly baked cookies, or cooking up a few festive treats, this sorority party is all about being warm and comfy!

10. Paint War Party

A paint war party is probably one of the messiest choices on our list, but if you’re interested in splattering people with paint while manically scream-laughing, then this one’s for you! Create the ammunition using water-soluble tempera paint (the kind you find in a preschool classroom), mix in water, and fill premixed brightly colored paint into water balloons or squirt guns.

Once it’s over and everyone looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, take turns rinsing off with a garden hose.

11. Laser Tag

Laser tag isn’t just for kids. If you need a reminder that laser tag is pretty freakin’ awesome, plan on heading to an arcade one night for a good old-fashioned game of chase.
Not adventurous enough? Take it outside for a more extreme, heart-pumping version of this childhood classic. Take on the thrill of tackling a wide range of missions with your housemates. When it’s over, you can reward everyone’s hard-earned efforts by grabbing some pizza.

12. Bounce House

Bring back sweet childhood nostalgia by throwing a bounce house party. Check around your area to see if you can rent one for a full day or even a few hours. Invite other Greek houses over and then jump till’ you drop.

13. Kentucky Derby


The Kentucky Derby is all about decadence and debauchery. So, grab an impressive hat, pearls, and a Mint Julep; this party is less about horse racing and more about looking elegant. And because it’s a classier choice, reserve this theme for your running list of sorority event ideas.

Send out classy invitations in advance to inform guests there will be a strict dress code—posh sundress for the ladies and suits for the gentlemen with the addition of a snazzy tie. Once dressed up, mingle as elite Kentuckians would while attending Churchill Downs.

14. Scavenger hunt


Work on those problem-solving skills by creating a Scavenger hunt. Housemates can journey together into the labyrinth and solve whatever magic you’ve mapped out. Concoct a back story revealed with each item found on the list. Choose a holiday theme, such as Easter or an investigative theme.

Do anything you want, don’t make it boring!

15. LARPing (live action role play)

You may not be familiar with one but, if you’ve never heard of Larping before, it’s time to think outside the box. Larping or live-action role-play is similar to the game Dungeon and Dragons and involves creating characters to act out various fictional scenarios in real life. You may have heard of this from the movie “Role Models,” but interactive role-playing is like starring in your own video game brought to life.

Take on the opportunity to live out the wildest realities, such as the post-apocalyptic world, zombies, or vampires, or use some imagination to drum up their own. On the day of the epic battle, put on your costumes and transform into character, then venture out to the designated space and explore this new world.

Contact Campus Cooks for Your Next Greek Life Event!

Whatever you’re planning, we’ll help make your chapter’s next Greek Life event unforgettable! Campus Cooks offers delicious catering that’s customized to your taste and dietary needs. Whether you decide on pink pancakes for your sorority brunch or a savory Louisiana boil, our passionate chefs can whip up whatever your heart desires! We’ll work with you to design a special menu made using fresh and local ingredients. Contact us today to get started planning your next event.


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