15 Ideas for Your Next Brotherhood & Sisterhood Event

by | Apr 18, 2021

Are you the social chair of your sorority or fraternity, stumped on what events to host this year? Or maybe a house director or member looking to inspire their chapter? Unsurprisingly, this is a common problem. Despite what your chapter or budget may look like, there are many small things you can do to keep your brothers or sisters engaged. So, our team chose our favorite high and low budget events that any chapter can plan. Use your chef as a resource to make these events a reality.

1.  Decorate cookies. Any excuse to eat something sweet, right?

Afterwards, when you’ve devoured enough cookies, it might be a good idea to share with your neighbors. They’ll appreciate the Panhellenic gesture. Better yet, sell the best batches of cookies at your next philanthropy event!

2. Go to a pumpkin farm and carve pumpkins.

Additionally, you can decorate pumpkins with glitter & gemstones. Glitter with caution. It can get a little sparkly. Bonus points if you carve out your letters!

3. Roast marshmallows around a bonfire (with permission, of course).

Sitting around a bonfire with your house is a great opportunity to tell stories, learn something new about each other and even play a few games! For instance, check out this list of great bonfire games.

4. Bring your favorite annual events to own house. Do

Do you love the Superbowl, the Oscars, or even the day The Bachelor premieres? Amp up the night by recreating it right in your chapter house! For instance, dress up, play themed games and livestream the event. Nevertheless make sure your chef whips up an awesome meal!

5. Grill out or have a picnic.

Enjoy the weather, play frisbee or bags and pop on your favorite tunes. In addition, think ‘Panhellenic’ and welcome other fraternities & sororities over. Food coupled with friendly competition makes the perfect pair!

6. Hike or camp with other members.

We could all use more fresh air from time to time. A screen time break will undeniably allow you to connect more with the ones around you!

7. Go to a roller or ice rink.

Both are a fun way to get active and bond with fellow members. Of course you can step it up by dressing in 80’s style, superhero costumes, PJS, or any theme of your choice.

8. Deck out your house for the season.

Whether it’s a upcoming holiday, homecoming or an exam week. You can make your sisters and brothers feel excited to be in the house anytime of the year! Host a craft night and flip on a favorite film. Additionally, work with your chef to create some delicious themed snacks that even the non-crafty-types can’t resist!

9. Want a way to educate AND engage your chapter?

Host educational events on topics like networking, health and wellness, or budgeting. Above all, pick topics that would benefit members in a personal or professional way.  Meanwhile, put a fun twist on the session through creating Kahoot games, a raffle, tasty snacks and more. Select different  members to teach topics they’re passionate about and learn from one another!

10. Schedule a cooking class with your chef.

You could create mini-pies, pesto, donuts, empanadas, you name it!

11. Host a brunch extravaganza!

Who doesn’t love brunch?! Schedule the event before or after exams for some extra brownie points. Then, work with your chef to build a weekend feast that fits your budget and appetite! 

12. Golf outing.

Need I say more?

13. Movie night

They’ll never go out of style. Ingredients for the perfect movie night include cozy clothes and blankets, as well as snacks. Be sure to request homemade pizza or a popcorn station with different flavorings. Yes, that’s a thing!! Oh, you need movie suggestions? Check out some of our favorite (foodie approved) movies!

14. Host a series of Olympic Games or Flag football.

Invite houses over to watch and cheer on. Supply food to your guests especially like burgers and hotdogs. It’s a great way to bring people together over the love of friendly competition!

15. Community clean-up.

Doing something good for your community sends a positive message to others. This will make you feel accomplished while also aiding your community. It’s easy, and it actually can be pretty fun going around and picking up litter when you’re surrounded by your best friends!

More Greek Life Event Ideas

Now go out there and start a new tradition. Make the most out of this great season, be friendly to others in the Greek Life community, and just have fun. Campus Cooks is happy to guide you and help brainstorm something new for your house to do. Visit our latest blog for more brotherhood and sisterhood event ideas!


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