How to Prep for Recruitment as a Member

by | Jan 10, 2020

With second semester here, multiple fraternities and sororities are getting ready to recruit again for new members. Whether your chapter is participating in formal or informal this semester, recruitment can be an extremely exhausting time regardless. Meeting numerous fresh faces, engaging in conversation and then reflecting on who you think would be good fit for your chapter can truly take a toll. Regardless of how your chapter is recruiting, here are a few pointers on how to make the most out of recruitment as a member.

Reflect on your Greek Experience

Take some time out of your day to reflect, jotting down how your chapter has impacted you and in what ways your life has changed for the better going Greek. This will not only help you come into recruitment with a more positive attitude, it will also help you engage in conversations more meaningfully. Come up with a collection of a few stories you could tell potential new members during lulls in conversation. Preparing such helps you become a better conversationalist, as you can give more meaningful insight about your chapter and provide specific examples.

Take Notice of Non-Verbal Communication

Be mindful of your own non-verbal communication, as well as the non-verbal cues that potential new members may be giving off. Sometimes your body language can be perceived as hostile or bored to others without you even realizing it, such as folding your arms or not establishing eye contact. In addition, being observant can give you the opportunity to provide additional care or comfort to a potential new member who appears nervous.

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Questions such as what their major is or where they are from are nice to know, but they probably have been asked these types of questions millions of times throughout their college experience so far. Try to think of unique questions that will help you get to know that person more in-depth. Ask questions like what their biggest strength and weakness is or what qualities they value in a friend. Not only will this give you more insight on who this person is, it leaves much more room for the conversation to continue and build.

Mindfully Listen and Respond

It’s easy to get in the habit of using an unwritten “script” of questions to ask the recruits in order to get to know the person as fast as possible with the least amount of effort. We urge you to truly go into each conversation as its own independent experience. Listen thoughtfully to what the potential new member is telling you, not just thinking about what question you are going to ask next. This will not only make this a much more enjoyable experience for you, it will allow the chapter to view the individual on their own, not based upon a standard list of questions you created. It also allows you to be much more engaged, overall improving your chapter’s image to that potential member. By showing you care and are actually interested in what they have to say could be the deciding factor as to why someone may choose your chapter over another.

Take Care of Yourself

Recruitment is time consuming for everyone involved. Don’t let your physical and mental health fall to the wayside as a result. Stay organized, drink water, pack snacks and sleep at least 7 hours a night to ensure that you will be on top of your game when recruiting. Be kind to yourself during busy weeks like this, allowing yourself to get the rest you require. This will prevent negative emotions or any future burnout.

Be Confident. You were Chosen for a Reason!

It can be just as intimidating recruiting as going through recruitment yourself. Affirm yourself. You were chosen to be in this chapter for a reason, and you deserve to showcase what makes your chapter great and how you play a part in that. Hold on to this reminder in the back of your head to utilize whenever you may be feeling any moments of nerves or anxiety.


Now get out there and show potential members all you have to offer!