Holiday Travel Tips

by | Dec 14, 2018

The end of the semester is here, finals are over, and for many students the long road home begins. Whether by plane, bus, car or otherwise here are some tips to hopefully make travel just a little bit easier!

1. Leave Plenty of Time for Travel

Unexpected delays can happen at any time, and it’s always better to be early rather than late. If you are traveling to the airport it is always recommended to get there about two hours early. That advice is relevant now more than ever, due to a huge increase in the amount of people travelling home during the holiday season. Avoiding connecting flights, baggage and check-in counters and mid-day flights can speed up the process, but sometimes these are unavoidable. Ensuring spare time is available will ease the stress of dealing with the airport. When driving it is also important to leave extra time due to possible delays like mechanical issues, traffic, weather and other unexpected delays that might occur. If you are facing traffic, sometimes planning an alternate route can be helpful to save time.

2. Pack Light if Possible

Checking baggage is always a hassle, and you never want to be the person who’s bag doesn’t fit in the overhead bin. If at all possible, pack light and only bring essentials if you can. This isn’t always easy with heavy winter gear, but you don’t want to fill up the entire trunk of the carpool with your luggage. Another tip is to avoid travelling with gifts, especially large or fragile items, because you never know what could get lost or damaged during travel. Gift cards make great gifts, or have items shipped instead to make everything easier.

3. Be Prepared

Making sure you bring everything you need to de-stress is very important. Remembering to bring things such as earphones or a phone charger can make or break a delay in the airport especially once the baby next to you starts crying. Bringing snacks is another great tip for travelling, especially for those long car or bus rides. It’s also important to remember that no matter what happens, remain calm, any issues that may arise just make for great stories to tell when you finally make it home.


Safe travels and happy holidays!