What Makes Campus Cooks Unique? Part 2: Support

by | Feb 18, 2020

Last week we introduced our “uniques”, which are our company’s distinguishing features that make us unlike others in the business. We identified these uniques through feedback from our clients and employees on what they believe makes Campus Cooks the highest-rated company in the industry.

We give Control.

We provide Support.

We offer Transparency.

Click here to check out the first part of our series, how we give our clients control! Today we are going to be focusing how we provide support to our clients and employees in a variety of ways.

How do we Provide Support for our Clients?

1.       Transitioning

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” -Robin Sharma

Changes are tough. No worries, we’re here to help you through it every step of the way. No matter if a house is dealing with an untouched kitchen or switching from another food service provider, our team provides local and virtual support to make the process as painless as possible.

  • Onboarding

When a house decides to partner with Campus Cooks, we assure they are nurtured through the transition process in preparation for their new chef. We follow a very clear timeline so that our clients will be fully prepared by the time the very first day of service rolls around. 

  • New Buildouts and Site Surveying

Over the past 25 years, we’ve learned what it takes to run a best-in-class food service program. Because of this, we are able to give recommendations for equipment and supplies to best serve the number of people and the type of program our clients would like. Campus Cooks can also walk new clients through the brand and size of equipment that would be best for their chapter, all the way down to soup spoons. We can provide cost estimates of necessary supplies and help place the order as well. 

As kitchen professionals, we can identify how to make a kitchen run efficiently while still getting the most out of the space. Additionally, through partnerships with our primary vendors, we can facilitate free-lease coffee, juice and tea machines for house dining rooms or kitchenettes. We want your chapter to get the best food experience possible, period.

  • Communication with House Leadership

Our Operations Team communicates extensively with House Leadership about how they envision their ideal chef. This communication is present throughout the account preparation, from the day the agreement is signed to the first day the private chef is cooking in the house.  

  • Timelines and Data

We like to stay organized. Although we are serving in 26 different states at over 130 houses, we treat every single house as an individual with particular wants and needs. To do so, we host all of our information about each house in a detailed CRM database that allows us to have a clear picture of the house and their history, as well as their service details, expectations, issues or any other pressing information that arises. 

2. Hiring and Training

Campus Cooks have a multi-step hiring process that we are extremely proud of. This is one of many reasons for our unparalleled 75% employee retention rate in an industry where the average employer has an approximate 30% employee retention rate. If you would like to learn more about our hiring and training process, click here.

  • Our Hiring Process

Our recruiting process is atypical from the competition. Internally, we source candidates through relocation, promotion and referral. Externally, Campus Cooks has partnerships with several National Organizations for Culinary Professionals. We are selective and proud of it. 

  • The College of Campus Cooks

Our three day training process is unique to Campus Cooks. We provide travel for all of our chefs to come to our home office and learn more about Greek Life, their role in the house, food sanitation, liability prevention, menu development and much more. 

3. Local Management

People need people. We make sure your chef has those people they can rely on.

  • Regional Supervisors and Operations Team

 75% of our Regional Supervisors are located within a 60-minute drive of campus. Regional Supervisors work directly with houses on special events, oversee operations, ensure proper sanitation & cleanliness and continually develop the chefs. Our Regional Supervisors make proactive touches to each account, not reactive. If you would like to learn more about the day-to-day role the Regional Supervisor plays, click here

  • Chef on Demand™ Program (COD)

Our Chef on Demand program assures that a qualified, trained chef is ready if a chef has an extended absence due to illness, work related injury, or necessary personnel change. We even have programs in place to make sure a chapter is well-fed, even in a last minute emergency with an Emergency Meal Plan system. This layer of support ensures no one misses a meal, no matter what.

4. Employee Support

As we said before, people need people. They also need support to grow to be the very best version of themselves. We provide that for our individuals to make our team even stronger.

  •  Ongoing Training

As part of our A.L.P.H.A., we believe in always growing personally and professionally. To encourage the growth of our chefs, our Regional Supervisors conduct weekly training calls to inform chefs about best new practices.

  • Internal Communication

We utilize multiple forms of internal communication to keep our chefs across the country connected. We even have our very own form of internal social media, where our chefs share photos of their meals, new recipes, purchasing tips and much more. 

  • Benefits

We want our chefs to love their job and embrace a work-life balance. We give payed breaks, opportunities for health insurance, retention bonuses and more so that they can do so, and do so easily.

What does Support Mean for our Clients?

  • No Stress

This allows chapter presidents and leaders to focus on the issues within their chapter that actually matter.

  • Stronger Sense of Brotherhood/Sisterhood

A lot of life’s greatest moments happen around a table. Campus Cooks brings chapter members to the table. Meals start to become a focus and allow sisters and brothers to come together every day through good food.

  • Growth of Your Chapter

A stronger brotherhood/sisterhood means a bigger chapter. This is a ripple effect that we strive to create at every single chapter we serve.

Next week we will dive into Transparency, and how the transparency Campus Cooks offers its clients make us truly unique.