Top Tips for Learning+Working From Home

by | Mar 31, 2020

Working and eLearning from home can be extremely tough, especially during quarantine when everyone is home and places to escape are limited. With a few small changes and the right mindset, anybody can productively work from home during this time. Here are a few tips from the Campus Cooks team:

Set Up a Dedicated Work Space and Time

Most of us think we are great at blocking things out or multi-tasking, but humans as a whole are actually terrible at multitasking. Some researchers suggest that multitasking can actually reduce productivity by as much as 40%. None of us are super-human. Working while sitting in a living room with the TV on and people moving around can be extremely distracting.  All those other things around you are way more fun than work in most cases, so take the right steps to give yourself the best chance to learn and be productive. Select a space to make your dedicated daily work space. This may include your devices, notebooks, textbooks, writing utensils, post-it notes or maybe some headphones. Pick a spot that is away from distraction with natural light and enough space to spread out your work, preferably with a desk or table and a comfortable upright chair.  If it’s nice out, work at a patio table or in a 3 seasons room if you have it. Make the most of this opportunity to create a productive and happy space for you to return to each day.

In addition, set up blocks of time in which to work or study. Select hours to pretend as if you are at work or in class/at the library. This way you know you are getting work done within that window,  allowing you to set a balance for work and life.

Utilize Your Tools

Your University or workplace may utilize programs such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Canvas and Google Hangout, among many others. Familiarize yourself with these helpful online tools and research features that they may provide that could help you work more effectively. Need additional assistance? Check out our latest blog post on some essential apps for eLearning this semester.

Manage Expectations

Many of us have never worked or learned from home before, so don’t be so hard on yourself. We all need time to adjust and get used to the flow of this new normal. This might mean that you are not getting as much work done right away as you adjust, and that’s okay. Write out a daily routine that involves blocks for work and valued activities such as exercising, reading or baking. Having a balance between these activities will allow you to feel more fulfilled day-to -day.  

Know Yourself

If you’re easily distracted, get ready for work/school every morning as if you are going to physically going. Dress up, do your hair — whatever you’d normally do. This puts you in a professional mindset and will provide space to accomplish more. Write out a schedule or a to-do list that is realistic for you personally.

Practice gratitude and treat yourself during this time as well. Being so isolated from the rest of your community can be very tough on your mental health. Try to find positives in the situation as you have more time to bond with family, practice valued activities and work on self-development. 

Stay Connected

Full-time remote work/school can feel very isolating.The good news is that we are all on the same boat. Reach out to friends or co-workers to connect to others going through a similar working/ learning situation. This can help ease the pressure you may feel during this time. Utilize Zoom or other video chat applications to have face-to-face interactions that can provide comfort during this time.

** Campus Cooks is committed to the health and safety of all our clients and team members. Please stay safe and follow all health directions given by the CDC and Local Health Agencies. To read our full statement regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) click here.