10 Virtual Events Your Chapter Needs to Host: Engage Your Members

by | Feb 9, 2021

The Zoom Fatigue is real, and many of us are feeling it these days. Between school, work, clubs, social gatherings and more, the very thought of another invite can sound unbearable. In particular, the pandemic has made sorority and fraternity life especially challenging. The very foundation of these groups are built on community and friendship. This challenge can make it quite difficult for Social Chairs or other chapter members to plan virtual events that members actually would want to show up to. Although it seems tough to connect with your sisters or brothers virtually, with events that energize and excite members  you can get everybody in your chapter to show up and engage! So, our team picked our 10 favorite virtual events that are sure to get members excited. 

1. Game Night, Your Way

Since the beginning of Quarantine the virtual game scene has blown up big time. You can spice up any virtual event with the right games for your chapter.  Host an event using platforms like Jackbox Games or EpicMafia if your chapter is looking for an online game for big groups. In addition, have your chapter vote on their favorite online video game and play it all together (NCAA, Among Us, Halo, etc.). You can also try splitting your chapter into various breakout rooms and have them play board games virtually using platforms such as Board Game Arena. Last but not least, try making your own virtual trivia night with fun chapter or university specific questions.

Don’t want to use an online platform? Play classic games over Zoom like Two Truths and a Lie, Guess the Song, Never Have I Ever, Charades and more

2. Book an Inspirational Guest Speaker

Looking to get your members excited and educated? Have someone impactful speak or give an engaging presentation. Don’t have the funds? Ask a favorite professor, someone from your National HQ, or a student with an uplifting story. On the other hand, if you do have budget, research speakers that match your chapter’s interests. These sessions can energize your members and encourage them to attend more events

3. Chapter Dinner Online

Some of the best conversations happen around a table. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put these gatherings on pause, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your weekly catch-up with your sisters or brothers on hold. Reignite this special event by sitting down for a meal together virtually. Pick up your late plates from your chef, sit down, log on and enjoy.

4. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Collect a list of various items and descriptions (a pen, a picture of you, something striped, etc.) and have members gather the items and show them off on camera. Personalize the hunt by using things unique to your campus, chapter or house. Finally, spice it up and make all the items fit a theme if you’d like!

5. Bingo for Chapter Meetings

We all know that chapter can sometimes run long, making it difficult to engage members, even in person. Try making virtual chapter more fun by interlacing a game. You could make it a general Zoom Meeting Bingo, or create your own using common phrases your members say during chapter or even topics discussed. Winner gets a free shirt or other small prize. This is a sure way to keep people on their toes.

6. Host a Virtual Cooking Class

A great way to amplify a brotherhood or sisterhood event is through valued, engaged learning. Talk with your chef about teaching your chapter a new recipe or skill virtually. Have members vote on what they’d like to learn for extra involvement! Members can cook live with your chef or just watch the fun unfold. This is a unique and easy way to connect your sisters or brothers and your chef, while learning something completely new.

7. Do Wellness Check-Ins

The pandemic has been extremely difficult for many in a variety of ways. Give your sisters and brothers extra support by hosting Wellness events where members can do self-care activities together. For example, host a virtual workout or yoga class, dance party, group journaling session, reflection on an interesting podcast, group meditation, or even a virtual spa night. Talk to your Health & Wellness Chair or other members for more ideas!

8. Virtual Laughter

We all need a good laugh from time to time. Laughing with others makes the experience even better. Host a hangout where members send in their favorite memes, Tik Toks, comedy clips, etc. Stream them on Zoom to laugh all together. This will surely help members melt away any stress or anxiety from the school week.

9. Craft Night

Send your members simple craft materials have create something together! Not only will this get the creative juices flowing, but also leave your members feeling accomplished. Not really into crafts? Try making something practical by upcycling!

10. Match Small Groups Up With Similar Interests

Everybody has a unique set of interests and hobbies. Have members fill out a Q + A and match them with other members to create their own groups or clubs. Some examples include a Bachelorette Watch Party Group, Book Club or Zumba Club. These small groups will help members get to know each other on a deeper and more personal level.

Looking for an in-person, socially distanced event? Check out our 15 Ideas For Brotherhood & Sisterhood Events, as well as NPC’s Gathering Guide.