Employee Spotlight: Alan Wrenn

by | Feb 22, 2019

This week’s Employee Spotlight is on Alan Wrenn. Alan is the Assistant at Sigma Chi on the University of North Carolina campus. This is Alan’s first year with Campus Cooks and has been an amazing addition to the team currently at Sigma Chi. When asked, Alan said “The best part of working with Campus Cooks is that Chef Steve is a great mentor and teacher. He pushes me to learn more each day.” He also said “When I first started, I was washing the dishes and doing mostly cleaning, now I am helping Steve with lunch and dinner. Chef Steve trusts me to be involved in the making of the meals now and that makes me feel like I am doing a good job.”

When asked about working with the gentlemen of Sigma Chi Alan smiled and said “These are some awesome guys, I feel like they are part of my family. It’s a great atmosphere to work in.”

Alan has 2 children. Sawyer, 6 months, and Nautica, 10. Alan said that he and Nautica enjoy going to trampoline parks, riding dirt bikes and go-carts. Alan said that its important for him to be positive, strong and provide the examples of what a good role model and father should be. When asked about what he wants in his time with Campus Cooks Alan said “I hope that next year offers more opportunity for me to continue to move up in the company. I really like working with Campus Cooks.”

Keep up the good work Alan!