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Before we created Campus Cooks many of us were sorority sisters and fraternity brothers just like you. We’re committed to helping serve up your best Greek life every single day.

Stephen Coveleski

Stephen Coveleski

Director of Finance

Stephen has always loved math and numbers. He earned a Master’s degree in Finance and over the past ten years has developed multi-faceted skills in accounting, new business development, budgeting and inventory management in financial and travel businesses. His commitment to personal growth and performance earned him a promotion to Director of Finance. In his new role, Stephen leads the finance team and is accountable for cash flow, financial planning and analysis.

While Stephen might dream in numbers, his most vivid memories are of enjoying Wigilia, the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner, featuring 200-300 steamed clams, shrimp and scallops. Also a lifelong fisherman, he caught a 47-inch salmon as an eight year old. Not surprisingly, he spends his vacations stalking river monsters and smoking his catch or seasoning them with Ragin ‘Cajun’ spices.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin

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