Meet your
Campus Cooks

Before we created Campus Cooks many of us were sorority sisters and fraternity brothers just like you. We’re committed to helping serve up your best Greek life every single day.

Joe Nelson

Vice President

Joe began his career at Campus Cooks as an Assistant Chef. Over the years his tenacity and desire to learn and grow have led to many promotions throughout the company. Joe has worn many hats including Executive Chef, Regional Supervisor and Client Ambassador. He’s also worked in many departments including training and account openings, information systems and project management, all before settling into his current role!

That’s a lot of hats. We’re proud to say he’s earned the right to wear every one of them.

Of course growing up with a grandmother and mom inspired by food and cooking, he feels he was made for this career. His passion for food and how he brings it to life makes him a perfect fit for Campus Cooks and for anybody who loves great food.

I truly have a passion for food and service. Whether that’s for employees or customers, creating the best possible experience is all that matters.

— Joe

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