Sororities and Fraternities Health & Wellness

What is Campus Cook’s Why? Simply put, we want to help fraternities and sororities enhance their Greek experience by improving the wellness of the chapter.

The awareness and acceptance of feelings and emotions.

Students at Kappa Alpha Theta at DePauw University were concerned about changes due to the retirement of their long term cook, new chef, and a new service in the kitchen. Campus Cooks included the students in the on-boarding process–from meeting with the entire chapter to including the students in the menu meetings. Furthermore, Campus Cooks invited the prior cook to come speak with the new chef about old menus and house favorites. By creating a bridge in the transition, the students embraced the change and felt secure in the decision.

The recognition of interdependence with nature.

Chapters at the University of Georgia, Purdue University and Colorado State University are currently utilizing the student farm to source microgreens and vegetables in their menu productions.

At campuses such as University of Washington and The Ohio State University, Campus Cooks is involved with initiatives such as recycling (oil to plastics) and composting.

The openness to new concepts and ideas.

Students at Alpha Chi Omega at Butler University are treated to “meals around the world” by their chef. Members of the chapter spin a globe and their chef prepares a meal from that that region of the world.

The ability to enjoy a chosen career and/or contribute to society through volunteer activities.

This past academic year, Campus Cooks has donated over $50,000 in in-kind and monetary contributions along with over 500 personnel hours to support student-run philanthropies such as Dance Marathon, Big Man on Campus and Little 500 (just to name a few).

The maintenance of a healthy body through good nutrition, regular exercise, and avoidance of harmful habits.

Campus Cooks handles dietary restrictions such as lactose and gluten intolerance as well diet choices such as vegetarian. By focusing on REAL FOOD, our chefs prepare their own stock, trim their own meat and utilize locally sourced products; which results in food made from scratch. Our success stories have included many students feeling a stronger bond with house and a disappearance of eating disorders.

The ability to perform social roles effectively, comfortably, and without harming others.

Graduating seniors on campuses such as the University of South Carolina and Purdue, partner with alumni and Campus Cooks for a series of business etiquette classes to prepare them for real dining experiences in the professional world.

The meaning and purpose of human existence.

Why Campus Cook does what it does?  Above all else, Campus Cooks is dedicated to enhancing the Greek Experience through the wellness of the chapter.

The awareness that everyone’s financial values, needs, and circumstances are unique.

A chapter in the southwest managing its own kitchen service found that they did not feel confident in their management oversight and allocation of funds. The chapter met with us and requested an evaluation of the program to identify where overspending or inefficiencies may be occurring. The chapter ended up saving 15% against their planned budget and receiving healthier, higher quality meals.

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