Better food. Better Chefs. Better Greek Experience.

Of course, we will provide fresh, healthy food, manage your meal program for members with allergies and dietary restrictions, ensure that you will never miss a meal, and provide a proprietary app for your member to use and sign up for late plates. But these are the reasons we maintain a 95% retention rate:

We do not just hire anyone. The chefs that we hire for your Campus Cooks kitchen management service are tailored to suit your needs.

The Chefs We Hire

Our recruiting process is atypical from the competition. Internally, we source candidates through relocation, promotion and referral. Externally, Campus Cooks has partnerships with several National Organizations for Culinary Professionals. We have learned that successful placements focus on the personality match between the chef and the chapter. This results in maintaining experienced and highly skilled unit managers with an unparalleled in the industry retention rate of 75%.

We send our chefs to the College of Campus Cooks to ensure that they understand how dietary restrictions, varied menus and current food trends help bring out the best in the chapter.

College of Campus Cooks™

Our proprietary training focuses on menu development, your chef’s understanding of Greek Life, serving students with dietary restrictions such as allergies, regional tastes, and current food trends and, most importantly, managing the relationships between the chef and the house. By teaching your chef about the role food plays in recruitment and morale, and the benefits of being Greek; your chef is invested in the success of the chapter.

Our Regional Supervisors live within easy travel distance of your campus and are ready to support your chef.

our supervisors & managers

75% of our Regional Supervisors are located within a 60-minute drive of campus. Regional Supervisors work directly with you on special events, oversee the operations, ensure proper sanitation & cleanliness, and continually develop your chef. Additionally, our supervisors are in frequent communication with students, advisors and facility managers, easing transitions from one executive board to another. The team works together to resolve issues quickly and efficiently, often before you are even aware an issue exists.

Food quality

Food made from scratch with fresh ingredients: We procure region-specific ingredients and locally sourced products through vendors, student farms and farmers’ markets. Your chef shops specifically for you! Campus Cooks clients experience healthy, high quality food options. Members often brag about their meals to friends and family.

We have created a range of processes that allow our Kitchen Management Services to be copied and started in a new location easily.

Defined Process and Proprietary Tools

Campus Cooks not only has the longest history, but is also the largest company to exclusively provide food service to the Greek community. Scaling the business has caused us to develop processes and procedures to ensure consistency as we continue to grow. Our proprietary tools include Standard Operation Procedures, the 7 Keys to Success, Training Manuals, Emergency Action Plans, Allergy Safety Guides, Template of Service, Site Survey, Voice of the Client, Crisis Management Playbook, Closing Checklist, etc. Resulting in the Campus Cooks’ Customer Care Guide Book that shows you how we are going to be successful.

As a company, we know and understand Greek culture and we've passionate about helping chapters succeed.

We’re Greek, We Care

Our success is predicated on the overall health of the Greek community. We are actively involved; our company president is president of his local housing corporation. This past academic year, Campus Cooks has donated over $50,000 in in-kind and monetary contributions along with over 500 personnel hours to support student-run philanthropies. We understand what is important to you and continue to promote, to all our employees, our company culture message: “Above all else – We are dedicated to enhancing the Greek experience.”

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