We give Control. WE Provide Support. We Offer transparency.

Of course, we will provide fresh, healthy food, manage your meal program for members with allergies and dietary restrictions, ensure that you will never miss a meal, and provide a proprietary app for your member to use and sign up for late plates. But these are the reasons we maintain a 95% retention rate:

What do our clients have control over?


We provide high quality ingredients sourced from various local vendors. The chapter gets to choose the rest. The chapter’s chef shops specifically for them, tailoring to their dietary preferences and restrictions.

Program Details

Want lunches from 1pm-2pm? Sure. Want themed chapter dinners every Sunday? You got it. We allow our clients to control what they want to eat, how much and when, among other things.


Our President Bill Reeder emphasizes the importance of “Right Person, Right Seat”. He truly believes that a successful chef at Campus Cooks must not only fit our company values, but also be a cultural fit for the house they serve.

How do we provide support for our clients?


No matter if a house is dealing with an untouched kitchen or switching from another food service provider, our team provides local and virtual support to make the process as painless as possible.

Hiring & training

Campus Cooks have a multi-step hiring process that we are extremely proud of. This is one of many reasons for our unparalleled 75% employee retention rate in an industry where the average employer has an approximate 30% employee retention rate.

Local management

People need people. We make sure your chef has those people they can rely on, with District Managers and Regional Chefs on Demand to ensure your chef has the support they need.

Employee Support

We would not be the company we are today without our individuals. We provide ongoing training, benefits, internal communication and other resources so that our chefs feel appreciated and supported.

How do we offer transparency to our clients?

Meal Ratings & Satisfaction Surveys

We want to ensure every chapter member has a voice and are happy with their service. Members can provide constant feedback on any part of their meal or service they are unhappy about through our mobile app. In addition, we send out surveys throughout the school year to gauge satisfaction and hear suggestions for improvement.

No Hidden Costs or Add-Ons

We ensure we are upfront on all pricing and offerings from the beginnings so that no account is hit with hidden fees or additional costs.

Performance Reporting

We can account for various processes and procedures being done through our various reporting methods, including Monthly Reports, Action Plans, Time & Temperature Logs, Closing Checklists among others. This ensures accountability and brings a peace of mind to our clients.

Our Ideology: The Campus Cook’s ALPHA

The acronym our employees live out every single day, and the ideals our company was founded from.

Always growing personally professionally.

Living a healthy work and life balance.

Passionate about food and service.

Honesty and Respect. Do right for our employees, clients, vendors.

Actively enhancing the Greek Experience.

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