THe Campus Cooks' Chef hiring process

At the completion of the sales process, the Regional Supervisor assigned to the new chapter will meet with you to discuss the chef qualities that would make a perfect fit for your house. Our Recruiting Manager and team read each resume that is submitted personally, and work with your Regional Supervisor to create a relationship with you, and to find out what your house is looking for in a chef. We want a chef that meets your specific culinary needs and the personality of the house. Here are the steps that we take to ensure you are matched with the right chef!

we don't just fill the position, we actively recruit the right candidate for the house:

We search far and wide to find the best fit for the house.

Nationally: Our recruiting team attends hiring fairs, trade shows, and partners with culinary schools to create a national pipeline of talented chefs.

Locally: Our team travels to campuses to recruit and hire local chefs.

Internally: Our team sources from an internal network of employees that refer fellow chefs, that will relocate for open positions.

Our process

While every hiring situation is different, our process is simple. Hiring the best fit your house. Here is how we do it:
  • The Campus Cooks Recruiting Manager will review all resumes that are submitted within 48 hours of submission.
  • The Recruiting Manager will then make a determination as to which candidates are qualified, based on a combination of skills, previous experience, and education.
  • Next, a 1st Interview is scheduled: During the initial interview, the recruiter will make sure that Campus Cooks is a good fit for the candidate, and the right candidate for Campus Cooks, by introducing our ALPHA, etc.
All approved candidates are forwarded to the Regional Supervisor with interview and personal notes from the recruiter.
  • Next, a 2nd Interview is conducted, with the Regional Supervisor setting it up within 24 hours.
  • During this interview, the Regional Supervisor will evaluate the culinary knowledge and determine if the candidate’s personality is a good fit for the particular house. Our goal is not to just fill the position, but find the right fit for all involved.
  • A decision regarding the candidate’s fit for the chapter is made within 7 working days after the 2nd interview.
  • After an offer letter is extended to a candidate, a background check is administered, and if all clear, a start date is then based on when the chapter opens for the semester.

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