The recipe for finding the perfect chef: our hiring process

We search far and wide to find the best fit for the house. We don’t just fill the position, we actively recruit the right candidate for the house.

  • National Sourcing: Our recruiting team attends hiring fairs, trade shows, and partners with culinary schools to create a national pipeline of talented chefs
  • Local Sourcing: In addition to online sources, our team travels to campuses to recruit and hire local chefs
  • Internal Sourcing: Our team sources from an internal network of employees that will relocate for open positions

The following searches are conducted:

  • Social Security Report
  • County Criminal Search
  • Multi-Jurisdictional index Search
  • National Sex offender Registry Search
  • Drivers History Report
  1. Review: Our recruiting team reviews resumes submitted within 48 hours of submission.
  2. Resume Selection: The Recruiting Manager will determine which candidates are qualified based on skill, previous experience, education and core values.
  3. Phone Screening: The recruiter will ensure that Campus Cooks is a good fit for the chapter, and the right candidate for Campus Cooks, 
  4. Face-To-Face Meeting: The District Manager then sets up a 2nd interview within 24 hours. During the interview, the District Manager evaluates culinary knowledge and whether the candidate’s personality is a good fit for the particular house.
  5. College of Campus Cooks (currently virtual): If hired, we provide travel for our chefs to venture to our home office where we host a three-day training program. The training program covers a large variety of topics, including our Company History, Greek Life, Menu Development, Communication & Reporting, Budgeting, Professionalism and much more.
  6. On-Site Training: The chef is nurtured into their account by a District Manager, Regional Chef or one of our Chefs on Demand both virtually and in-person. 

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