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College life is hectic enough without having to worry about food. We have developed an app that makes it much easier for members of the house to communicate with the kitchen team. With only a few clicks, they can see their menus, request a late plate and rate the dishes.

Our app helps keep students connected

With the Campus Cooks App, available for iOS and Android, Sorority or Fraternity members can log in and get information regarding their upcoming meals instantly.

There is no need for the student to wonder what might be for dinner tonight, they can simply sign in and see the details of what the meal plan for the week is. The app enables an entire Sorority or Fraternity to know what their menus will be no matter where they are.

The Campus Cooks mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Students can see their upcoming meals, order late plates and contact their chefs

Campus cooks provides service and support online

Helping to manage the hectic nature of college life, Campus Cooks can assist students when they need a robust schedule for their day. Campus Cooks’ Sorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management app allows members to request a late plate and give an expected time for their arrival. The kitchen staff can then ensure that they have a meal set aside for the student for a later time, allowing house members to focus on their education and not on finding fast food at inconvenient times.

Campus Cooks’ Sorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management mobile app allows students to tell the chef that they'll be late so that they can have their meal set aside for them

Every student gets to have their say. Campus Cooks’ Sorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management allows an individual student to leave feedback on meals and even rate them. This gives the kitchen staff the chance to adapt and make real changes to the students’ Campus Cooks experience.

Students can leave feedback on meals via their Campus Cooks’ Sorority and Fraternity Kitchen Management mobile app, allowing the chef to adapt meals to satisfy more students

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