A private chef hired and trained for your chapter

We source chefs nationally, locally and internally to provide your chapter the best experience possible. After over 65 hours of training, your chef understands the Greek Experience and their role in enhancing it through food.

Customized menus with fresh ingredients

Your chapter gets to build their own menu. Our chefs listen to the members wants and caters to them, while still bringing healthy, scratch-made meals every single week. This includes giving special attention to allergy and dietary restrictions

A team of support

Our team supports our chefs and your chapter through many different ways, including special event assistance, ongoing chef training, evaluations and more.


No Stress

This allows chapter presidents and leaders to focus on the issues within their chapter that actually matter.

Stronger Sense of Brotherhood/Sisterhood

A lot of life’s greatest moments happen around a table. Campus Cooks brings chapter members to the table. 

Meals start to become a focus and allow sisters and brothers to come together every day through good food.

Growth of Your Chapter

A stronger brotherhood/sisterhood means a bigger chapter. This is a ripple effect that we strive to create at every single chapter we serve.

Has Your Fraternity or Sorority Food Service Provider Left A Bad Taste In Your Mouth?

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