Seeing Stars at Kappa Alpha Theta!

Bright lights!  Big name celebrities!  Walking the Red carpet!  And…Kappa Alpha Theta at Northwestern University!

That was the theme for KAT’s Academy Award Dinner last week.  Chef Toni, along with her wonderful House Director, Judy, went all out with the evening.  “I really love working with a House Mom that has so much fun.  It keeps things fresh and fun especially during this terrible winter.”  So many times people are looking for ideas on how to “kick it up” a notch when there tends to be something always going on.  When you do things like this, it really brings the event to life.

The evening’s menu consisted of: Star Studded Salad, Wolfgang Puck Pizza Buffet, California Lemon Mousse, Oscar Cookies and boxed popcorn while viewing the award show.

“It’s great having a Chef and House Mom that work so well together.  They are able to come up with great ideas and execute together so wonderfully.  Working in an environment that is always changing (getting ready for spring break or late night study sessions for mid-terms) can be quite challenging.  This allows everyone to have a little fun and break their normal routine.”

Chefs of Campus Cooks are always working to put together these types of events.  From philanthropic events, to Mom’s Day and literally hundreds of other events, we make sure the chef can work with the house to get them exactly what they want.  These types of events really create and enhance the Greek experience!


Now, we just need to figure out how to have Leo to win an award…