How to Manage School Starting on “Zoom University”

How to Manage School Starting on “Zoom University”

by | Sep 10, 2020


There’s no question about it, online education is vastly different from anything students have experienced in the past. Schools are diverting their classes to Zoom, a video communication service that connects students to the classroom with real-time education. Student reactions to this change are mixed, with some reporting they enjoy the new form of education, and others reporting they despise the streaming service.

Students have been trending the hashtag #ZoomUniversity as a way to share their experiences, their opinions, and tips to stay motivated. The hashtag is a play on words, where students indicate that they are no longer physically attending their prospective college/university, and instead physically attending their zoom calls. Therefore, the term Zoom University was born.

The Advantages of Zoom

Participation: Students have found it easier to be able to participate and pitch in their thoughts during lectures. Those who may have been weary about class participation are now utilizing the “Hand Raise” function on Zoom to share their questions and answers. Professors are now encouraging an atmosphere for students to jump in and interrupt if they have a question, making students more comfortable in the classroom.

Collaboration: Students are also collaborating with classmates that they would have never talked to if classes were in person. Through the “Breakout Room” feature, students get placed in randomly generated groups to discuss prompts given to them by the professor. This allows for relationship building and enhances student learning through collaboration.

More Available Time: Also, students are seeing more free time available to them that would otherwise have been spent traveling to and from the classroom.

The Disadvantages of Zoom

Ability to Stay Focused: It’s more difficult to stay focused with online classes. Since the days now consist of staring at screens all day, it enables students to turn their zoom cameras off to take a nap, go on their phones, and partake in other activities that would otherwise have not been acceptable in a classroom.

Interactions: There are aspects of face-to-face interactions that are missing. For example, professors jump right into lecture rather than networking with their students in the few minutes available leading up to class and after class. Additionally, it is difficult to pick up on communication gestures that would otherwise be noticed in an in-person environment. For example, a professor could get confused if the students are laughing with him or at him.

The Best Tactics

  • Keep your space well lit
  • Take walks frequently – Go outside when you can
  • Exercise or do yoga when you need an energy boost
  • Get dressed in real clothes like you have somewhere to go
  • Schedule things to look forward to, even small things count (such as lighting a candle or going grocery shopping)
  • Send 3 or more people a text to check in every day
  • Splurge on your favorite snacks!

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