How to Make and Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

The new decade is almost here, and with that comes hopes for new beginnings and the breaking of old habits. New Year’s resolutions  notoriously are  known to be broken, to the point that they have become the bud of jokes in popular culture. The whole concept of New Year’s resolutions sounds good at heart. A goal to become better for yourself and the ones around you. So, where do so many people go wrong? How do you make a resolution that will stick? Here are some quick tips from our team!

Create a Vision Board or Journal to Figure Out What You Want to Improve

Take some time and reflect upon this past year. What went well? What is still holding you back from the best version of yourself? New Years Resolutions don’t always need to be health or fitness related. Maybe your resolution is to be kinder, budget better, learn a new skill or volunteer more. All these things have the potential to bring more happiness and balance in your life.

Break up a Big Resolution into Small Goals

When someone who hasn’t worked out in months makes the New Year’s resolution to work out every single day, it is safe to say that 95% of the time, that person will fail. A big resolution requires steps along the way in order to allow the resolution to be achieved in the year. For example, let‘s say your New Year’s resolution is to meditate more. If you never meditate now, it would be silly to think January 1st and onward you are going to want to meditate every single day. Instead, write out a game plan. Maybe you meditate once the first week of January, twice the next week, and so on until it becomes a daily habit. This will make your big resolution seem much more doable.

Record your Progress

Keep notes in your phone or journal tracking your progress. You can even check out the dozens of habit tracking apps available today. This will allow you to keep yourself more accountable, and give you space to record any successes or struggles you may be having.

Find a Community or Friend

Having a support system to help motivate and encourage you is key! Tell people in your close circle about your resolution or join an online community. This outside motivation will push you to stick with what you intended to do.

Take Notice of Bad Influences

If you are struggling with your resolution, analyze what other parts of your lifestyle may need to change in order to make it more achievable. For example, maybe your resolution is to run more. Going out till late with friends the night before your planned morning run may be the reason you are struggling. Be mindful of the things in your life, as they may be playing a part in sabotaging your goals.

Make Rewards Along the Way

The easiest way to get anything done is to create a reward. Treat yourself. Write out what things you will do to reward yourself when reaching each milestone or small goal.

Be Kind to Yourself

We’re human. We make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up if you skip a workout or are slightly off budget. Dust yourself off and move forward. Eliminate the “All or Nothing” mentality. One run a week is better than no run. Don’t beat yourself up on your mistakes and write off the bumps along the road. The journey to a better you is a process!

We hope everyone has a joyous New Year. Here’s to an amazing year ahead!