Family Weekend

The college campus is a special place. It’s where creativity and intellect meet. Where conversation is brewed in the café and where freedom of speech flourish; A designated area of land, reserved for young people, learning and conversing, all to take on the world. It indeed is a very special place and there’s nothing else quite like this concept.
At universities across the country, there comes a time when families enter the campus; when college student and family member come together and stand side-by-side in harmony. This harmonious time is known as Family Weekend, also known as Parents’ Weekend. It’s the chance for families to see what their college aged son or daughter has been up to, to see who they’re becoming. It’s special because college students are literally becoming their own person, away from their parents. So a time for loved ones to spend time together with their growing child should be cherished and welcomed by all. It’s only fitting that Campus Cooks takes part and celebrates this time with food!

This year, Sigma Nu at Northwestern University envisioned a wonderful steak dinner for Family Weekend. Chef Byron Gonzales was approached to take on the event and organize something delicious. Of course, everyone is excited and there is much to be done. Chef Byron called up Chef Tony and Chef Carlos Gonzalez to help out and create a delicious steak spread.
There is success! It’s a full house in Sigma Nu. The dinner featured steak loin, asparagus with roasted red pepper and Asiago cheese, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffed zucchini and cheesecake for dessert. The families were impressed; the members were proud; all was well inside the fraternity house.
The Chefs: Thank you for helping these men give their families a great dinner. These days are precious and we love the opportunity to be a part of helping create memories. It’s moments like this that make Campus Cooks proud and justify why we are here.

Thank you. Until next time.