Campus Cooks’ Summer Meeting a Time to Network and Regroup

On the surface, it probably seems like summertime is our slow time at Campus Cooks. I can certainly see why this is the case. The students are taking a break from their studies, the chapter houses are closed, and everything seems to be on hold. After all, no service means we’re not working, right?

One thing is for sure, things aren’t always what they seem on the surface.

The reality of it is, summer is a very busy time for us at Campus Cooks. Over the summer, we’re adding houses, recruiting the best candidates to run those houses, and making sure that each house has the equipment it needs for proper food service. Add in keeping in touch with everyone we’ve been building relationships with over the previous years, and we’re definitely on the go.

But on top of all those moving pieces, we’re also reflecting on the past year to see how we can improve on our already great service, and then we’re implementing whatever changes need to happen to make sure the best keeps getting better.

One of the tools that allows us to continue growing is our annual summer meeting at the corporate headquarters in the Chicagoland area. It is a time for us regional supervisors to get together, discuss and learn from one another, and hone our leadership skills. Sure, it is also the time when we learn about changes in computer software and Human Resources, but the camaraderie is what I love about the summer meeting, and what I want to tell you about.

Even though us “regionals” are communicating by phone each week, the company meeting gives us the opportunity to spend quality, face to face time together to learn. That is invaluable. To hear how the regional in the Pacific Northwest handled a similar issue to one I had in the Southeast and to be able to talk about it over lunch is amazing. Sometimes I find out I am doing things just like another regional. Sometimes another regional will give me insight that I’d never thought of. And all of this is possible because we’re together, face to face, interacting and riffing on each other in conversation as only people can in face to face situations.

And we form bonds that continue after the meeting is complete. Just this afternoon I touched base with another fellow regional supervisor to get his insight. This is exactly how the best get even better. Strong bonds make for a strong team and a strong company, and that is why I’m proud to wear a shirt that says Campus Cooks.

David Thornton//Regional Supervisor