Become a Visionary as a Campus Cooks Private Chef

by | Aug 10, 2019

Campus Cooks Private Chefs go beyond daily food preparation, in order to strengthen our belief in promoting a stronger sense of brotherhood and sisterhood through a superior meal service. Chefs prepare visually appealing, flavorful food and play an influential role that can be encompassed with three adjectives: Professional. Creative. Flexible.

Campus Cooks Private Chefs are Professional.

Our chefs know the value of what a delicious, healthy meal can do for the morale of a chapter. Chefs actively execute delicious meals in a timely manner, place online product and supply orders through multiple vendors, and use various cost-effective techniques to execute meals from scratch. Our employees do right for our clients and vendors by providing exceptional, professional customer service daily. Consider us the kitchen management experts.

Campus Cooks Private Chefs are Creative.

Campus Cooks provides employees the opportunity to be creative, take managerial ownership of assigned areas, and have fun all while providing the highest levels of quality and service. Our Private Chefs support the most creative kitchens at leading college campuses nationwide. Our chefs are visionaries who are provided with inventive atmospheres to let their true personalities shine. Right from the get-go, chefs will meet with their chapter weekly to cultivate innovative menus. These menus are collaborative between the chef and the chapter. Yes, really. Our Private Chefs’ opinions are heard and implemented weekly during the menu-making process. Not only do our employees have the reoccurring opportunity to cook their dream meals, but they constantly receive inspiration from the chapter during these meetings.  We are passionate about food and service, and the proof is on our plates. 

Campus Cooks Private Chefs Enjoy a Flexible Schedule.

Unlike restaurants, country clubs, and catering jobs, Campus Cooks Private Chefs are given the ability to have a consistent schedule that allows for a healthy work-life balance. Our chefs enjoy the benefits of having major holidays off, limited work on weekends, and summers off. We understand that the time allocated for work and out-of-work aspects of life should be balanced to maintain your mental health. Here at Campus Cooks, we strive for our employees to always grow personally and professionally, and we believe a healthy work and life balance helps accomplish this. 

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