Want an Amazon Gift Card? Submit a Video and WIN!

Videos Due: Friday, September 18th, 2020

Campus Cooks is ecstatic to roll out our brand new TikTok account, and we want you to be a part of it! We are excited to introduce our first ever TikTok video competition. We are looking for creative, out-of-the box, funny videos based around the concept of serving the best food on college campuses during quarantine. The top three videos will be showcased on our TikTok account and multiple gift card prizes will be handed out! See below for details.

Who Can Enter?

All current Campus Cooks employees who are working on campus are invited to enter our TikTok Video Contest. The contest is open to individual employees, or groups working 6 feet apart and following coronavirus rules.


Videos will be judged by the Marketing staff on the following categories:

  • Showcasing delicious food
  • Originality/Creativity
  •  Fun
  • Humor
  • Their positive nature
  • Vertically filmed
  •  High quality phone recording preferred, but not required
  • Wear masks, gloves, and promote physical distancing
  • No profanity, inappropriate language, gestures, or clothing (keep the video school appropriate). No copyrighted photos or brand logos other than Campus Cooks should be included.


  • 3 winners for the best videos (See “Judging”): $50 gift card to Amazon
  • 3 additional random submitters: $20 gift card to Amazon

Employees can submit multiple videos but are only eligible to win one prize. The more high-quality videos you upload, the greater chance to win!


Deadline for video submissions is Friday, September 18th at 12pm EST. If your video arrives after that, your video will not be considered.

How to make and submit your video:

If you are using the TikTok app:

  • Create your video on TikTok. Any length below or equal to 60 seconds is allowed.
  • Be creative! Add popular sounds, effects, texts, and stickers when necessary.
  • When you post it to your account, change “Who can view this video” to “private”.
  • Post the “private” video to your account (only you will be able to see it).
  • Go to the video in your account, click on “…” and save it to your device.
  • Send the video to: sarah.gaughan@campuscooks.com

If you don’t use the app, follow these video specifications on your iPhone:

  • Video length: up to 60 seconds
  • Feel free to splice video clips together and add music if necessary (not required).
  • File type: .mp4 or .mov preferred
  • Send the video to: sarah.gaughan@campuscooks.com

Winners announced:

Winners will be announced Tuesday, September 8th.

The winning videos will go live on our TikTok upon our account’s launch.

Need ideas to get the juices flowing?

  • Can include fraternity/sorority members in the video with their permission and have them rate and react to meals, or interact in other ways
  •  Trending Cooking related hashtags to use as concepts:
    • #ASMRCooking 
    • #CookingHacks
    •  #EasyCooking
    • #CookingTutorial
    •  #CookingRecipes
    •  #HealthyMeals
    •  #QuarantineMeals
  • Consider adding trending music/a voiceover if needed
  • If you have a special skill in food presentation, use it! (Such as carving fruit, decorating a plate, etc.)
  • Can show food preparation, results, delivery, personality of cooks and chapter members, what working in a Greek house means to you, etc.
  • Be enthusiastic and genuine! Remember to smile and have fun!
  • If you need more ideas, reach out to chapter members in your house! Most college students are actively involved on TikTok.

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Questions? Email sarah.gaughan@campuscooks.com.